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Refresh your beauty from the inside.


IV (intravenous) therapy quickly and effectively replenishes your body with water, minerals and vitamins through an IV drip.


Similar to IV drips in hospitals, IV Therapy is a simple procedure that can be done in the office. The IV is connected to you through a needle, and it only lasts 30 minutes. Our certified staff will keep you safe throughout the treatment.


While each drip has specific benefits, all of them create more balance in your body - meaning more energy and better health for you.




Young Forever Aesthetics is dedicated to helping our clients stay and feel more youthful through facial aesthetics, sexual wellness and body and hair rejuvenation. Specializing in nonsurgical techniques and using a revolutionary product called Platelet Rich Plasma, "PRP", Young Forever Aesthetics is on the cutting edge of the future of aesthetics and sexual wellness. Committed to helping both men and women feel and look their best we are a great resource through free and confidential consultations just by logging on to our website.

With board certified Ob/GYN Dr. Lubin at the helm and the one and only Nurse Mizza Compas by her side, Young Forever Aesthetics makes every client feel comfortable, walking out of the door feeling even better than they did when they walked in.

Dr. Lubin


Read the testimonials below to see why our patients continue to use Young Forever Aesthetics.
  • Jamela Phillips
    Professional, clean and accommodating. I did the laser hair removal on underarms (small area) and bikini line (medium area). Remember to shave the morning of your appointment. It hurts if there is any hair on the area. Totally killed a bothersome ingrown I had. 2 weeks later and regrowth is slower and softer than usual. 5 more to go!
    Jamela Phillips
  • “The receptionist was very helpful as I tried to find the entrance. My visit was for laser hair removal. The procedure was explained to me prior to starting. I felt comfortable throughout my session. The doctor is easy to talk to and made me feel safe. What to expect after my session was also explained. I would definitely recommend this place.”
    Farrah Denis
  • Kaila Hersh
    “This place is fantastic. It is very clean and inviting. I arrived early today and they took me right in. The room is always clean and the equipment is sterilized of course. This is the second time I have had laser hair removal by Carrol and she is fantastic. She makes me laugh while being very professional at the same time. Carrol goes above and beyond in terms of really getting the job done. I have a tattoo in my bikini area that she covers and is very careful not to go near with the laser. She really does a fantastic job and I look forward to our monthly appointments. I cannot recommend young forever aesthetics or Carrol enough!!!”
    Kaila Hersh

Youthfulness is only one step away.


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