What Exactly Is The Vampire Facelift®?

Combining the science of PRP and Hyaluronic acid fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane, for example), the Vampire Facelift® produces uni-potent stem cells that offer a customized designer procedure to reverse the signs of aging in your patients more effectively and for longer than alternative procedures. As this is non-surgical and non-invasive, the recovery time is much quicker and easier. Your patients will see immediate results, and these will only improve over time.

What Happens During A Typical Vampire Facelift®?

To start the procedure, Hyaluronic acid fillers are used for preparation to establish the best shape. Then a qualified PRP provider or physician isolates the growth factors in the patient’s blood. Once these growth factors are injected into the facial skin, multi-potent stem cells are stimulated and start to create new tissue. Collagen is contained in the new tissue, along with new fat for a smoother look.

You will be trained in understanding the natural geometry of your patient’s face as this will ensure you do not create an unnaturally looking shape. Our training class will also teach you how to effectively draw your patient’s blood and use a centrifuge to isolate the plasma rich in platelets. after which you are training in how to effectively initiate the platelets to encourage the release of growth factors.

The final part of training for this procedure involves the applying of a numbing cream and then using an incredibly small needle (to reduce pain) you will be taught how to inject the growth factors into the face.

Why You Should Offer The Vampire Facelift®

In the health-care industry it is important, we are sure you will agree, to offer patients the best level of care possible. With the Vampire Facelift® you will be doing that.

Some of the major benefits that patients have experienced after receiving the Vampire Facelift® includes:

  • Considerable improvement to a woman’s facial skin color and texture
  • Effective reduction of wrinkles
  • Increased production of collagen, resulting in smoother sin
  • Elimination of dark circles under the eyes and other places

Another great reason to offer your patients the Vampire Facelift® is that there is virtually no downtime or recovery required, you can offer them a procedure that will almost instantly improve the aesthetic qualities of their skin, reduce the effects of aging considerably – all without disrupting their life.

The Vampire Facelift® Offers Your Patients Long-Lasting Effects

Although the official note on how long the effects of the Vampire Facelift® last is about one year, there have been various cases where patients have experienced great effects for at least 2 years.

The great thing about the Vampire Facelift® is that for patients that want to continue to experience the benefits and for those effects to improve even more, it can be safely administered every 6 months.

As well as continuing to maintain the positive results of the treatment itself, regular Vampire Facelift® treatments also keep collagen levels high and even increase them.